Why the name Simply Lyrical?

We love beautiful lyrics and wonderful melodies thus the name, “Simply Lyrical.” We tend to be drawn to the great jazz composers and musicians of the classic jazz era. Some of our favorite influences are Bill Evans, Cole Porter, Peggy Lee, and Ella Fitzgerald.

For us, the way that the composers of the Jazz era combined poetry with complex harmonic relationships continues to draw us forward. We consider it a great honor and priviledge to perform the great jazz classics that were written long ago. We believe that these songs are one of the most important aspects of our American culture and history, and we strive to keep this classic American style of music alive.

Our Beginnings

The story of our musical beginnings is quite unusual. Our journey began nearly six years ago when Amber(currently Simply Lyrical's lead vocalist)walked into a local Marin County restaurant/bar to go hear live music. As she walked into the restaurant, Kentyn was playing Jazz piano to accompany a local Bay Area Singer. After the first set, Kentyn introduced himself to the audience and met Amber.

After introducing herself to Kentyn, Amber made it known that she was an aspiring singer currently taking vocal lessons. Kentyn asked Amber If she would sing for him, and rest is history! Amber began singing back-up vocals for Kentyn's local Jazz duo and they began working together for the next six years. They recorded their first CD in 2010 called, "Being There."

Today, Kentyn and Amber have re-created themselves as, Simply Lyrical and are hard at work on a daily basis learning new Jazz, R&B, Samba, and Bossa Standards, creating new arrangements, and performing at their monthly gigs. One of the biggest challenges that Simply Lyrical has been able to master is being able to create a unique crystal clear sound that is easy to listen to without being overpowering. This is the reason that Simply Lyrical is different from any other music band that you've ever heard. Our sound is crystal clear and doesn't give you a headache after an hour of listening!

Simply Lyrical is perfect for cocktail, lounge, and dinner venues. We are also available for small/medium venues such as wineries and private parties. If your looking for classy music for your classy venue, we are perfect for you. Take a look at our recordings and videos to see if you might be interested in contacting us for your venue.


Simply Lyrical

Musical Quotes

"Forgive me if I don't have the words. Maybe I can sing it & you'll understand."

Ella Fitzgerald

"Music washes away the dust
of every day life."

Art Blakey

"Music is the greatest communication in the world."

Lou Rawls

Simply Lyrical Playing Music